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Woah, Good Fight! 

ALso, apparently, today is a holiday in Massachussets. For the love of, put me out of my misery, waitlist. Will they seriously not tell me anything until tommorow? And I won't have The Good Fight to watch tommorow! I WOULD BE FINE WITH REJECTION JUST PLEASE DO IT ALREADY.

ETA - Actual Good Fight thoughts -

- Did anyone really not think at the very least one, and probably both, of the Riddell parents were active perpetrators of the Ponzi scheme? It was never going to conveniently be just the evil uncle.

- Did the dad just chicken out, or did something more nefarious happen? I like how the show has managed to tow a line of making him consistently just, well, a rather weak, moderately selfish, slightly-less-than-ordinary man but keeping him just a little sympathetic throughout. I mean, selling out your kid on five years in jail for something she did to protect you is pretty low, but, well...weakness, yeah?

- Speaking of, I kind of want to see more of the family backstory there now, how they met and married, how the affair happened, etc. It would all be deliciously arch and elegant and inappropriate, I imagine.

- I reiterate my vague theory that Diane's arc is her being put into a kind of millenial-ish spot after decades of confident baby-boomer, 2nd Gen feminist stability. Now she's in a relationship best characterized as 'its complicated'. She keeps reminding me of 'Younger', this show on I-don't-know-where, where a 40 year old recent divorcee tries to get back in the labour force after 20 years out and finds herself having to pretend to be 26 (juuuuust about believably) and seems to spend a lot of time wandering about going 'why is everything so unstable?'

- I mean, Maia's loft is...I mean, seriously. Just. It seems wildly fanciful that she can afford that, right?

- Lucca vs. the System: 'I will fuck you up'.

- The problem with the Milo Yannounoupolis character being so clearly Milo Yannounopolis is that there's not enough character there to work with now. I feel like he worked for one episode, or if he were to turn up once a season or something, but having him be semi-recurring and occupying different allegiances and so on means that it really hard to flesh him out in any way without it being some sort of commentary or symapthy or something of Yannounopolis. Watching someone who never rises above being a point made, like a political cartoon, however well made, is going to get frustrating soonish, I guess. (Also, I'm just aware enough of Yannounopolis to recognize the character, but that's really about it.)

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Patriots' Day.

(sorry, landed on your journal via the "Explore Random Journal" link. Yeah, I'm pretty board tonight"


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