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The Defenders is actually happening? I thought that was years away! Yay, it looks really cool - I love crossovers. I think there's something inherently fun abut watching a series of different internal aesthetics, story-logics, tonalities, etc, made between separate stories interact and illuminate eachother. The problem is that I haven't, er, actually watched any of the four shows...but I really want to watch the Defenders. While thinking that the crossover pleasure of watching it will be way lessened without having a good sense of the individual shows. But I don't particularly want to watch any of those shows. I just want to watch them interact.
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Woah, Good Fight! 

ALso, apparently, today is a holiday in Massachussets. For the love of, put me out of my misery, waitlist. Will they seriously not tell me anything until tommorow? And I won't have The Good Fight to watch tommorow! I WOULD BE FINE WITH REJECTION JUST PLEASE DO IT ALREADY.

ETA - Actual Good Fight thoughts -
Spoilers! )

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 OK, I've decided - Northern Exposure is my favourite show ever. There's an episode about literature professors bickering about deconstruction. There's an episode where they go fishing and get a rabbi. There's an episode about sad, rogue ex KGB agents. 

Why, yes, my seminar paper is due in like two weeks, why do you ask? 
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I've been watching Gilmore Girls and have some very mixed opinions...does anyone know of anywhere to find some interesting writing about the show?
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Whee. Characterization and science fiction and good plot and pacing. Conciousness is underpinned by empathy? Root embraces cyborgization? Does  the Machine has a plan, or does it have internal contradictions?
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Ideal weekend: rain, books, tea, and geek comedy ftw. Tons of schoolwork, maybe less ideal, but some of it is actually really interesting.

(I went on a bureacuratic treasure hunt through the university and managed to sign up for an "introduction to lit theory" class, ("But why?" Lit department. "It sounds really interesting," I say. "You understand it's theory, yes? Just...theory.") and it's honest to god making me giddy. I'm sitting there in class while the prof explains the breaking of genre in Thelma and Louise and literally bouncing up and down a little. Structuralism! OMG, structuralism. Where has this been all my life?)

Anyway, ahem,

Community was pretty good, though on-the-nose social satire might not be their strongest suit. Read more... )

Interestingly meta episode from TBBT, which usually isn't meta in the slightest. Not as bleak as last week, but it had it's moments.

I got into an interesting argument elsewhere about which show is more politically progressive, and I really do have to go with TBBT, even though that maybe makes me insane. Community simply embraces a kind of post-modern fantasy of progressivism, you know? Both shows think the world is fucked and are critical of it, but Community creates an escape, while TBBT admits its power.

Characters on Community do escape, but into this fantasy world. (Community is at it's most interesting, I think, when it suddenly looks in the mirror and admits that Greendale isn't real life. But then it shies away from that again.) One that is properly racially diverse and celebrates education, growth and the ability of good friends and can-do spirit to get you through anything. TBBT has a bunch of people trying to do that, and failing. Dismally, pathetically and gracelessly, to an intrusive laughtrack and embarrassing jokes. (I find that hearbreaking and clear- eyed, but I see why it's not everyone's idea of a good time.)

It's just my usual argument about finding any kind of story that merely gets representation right more than a little politically tepid. Just because your show/book/whatever is wonderfully sensitive and inclusive of race/gender/orientation/etc, doesn't make it actively progressive, merely tolerable. (For example, Meljean Brooks books or even Brooklyn 99, at it's worst.) It can even obscure, rather than expose, the underlying structures of oppression.

I get that "exposing structures of oppression" might not be everyone's idea of a useful thing for a sitcom or a romance novel to do, but we're actually quite happy being super-critical of representation in precisely the most popular, omni-present sort of media. I really don't know which is more politically effective - the cynical exposure of misery or the presentation of a hopeful alternative.

It's very possible that the work the latter does, with the normalization of gay characters or women in the workplace or whatever else these things have contributed to has been more socially worthwhile. But as art, I prefer something like Scandal or The Big Bang Theory, or even Remington Steele, that subvert the post-modern progressive ideal by having it crash up against good old human folly and weakness. Showing the characters trapped in their socially curated needs to fit in, to be loved, to feel cool, strikes me as more interesting and more powerful than showing the people who've magically escaped.

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God help me, I watch a lot of tv.

ok, I may ship Duncan/Britta a little. IDEK. Community )

There's my bleak, undignified, human-condition examining show again! Who's a good weird little sitcom? The Big Bang Theory )

I seem to be in a minority that saw the Boyle/Diaz stuff here as being shippy again?
Brooklyn 99 )

I haven't liked this season much, but Abbie is bringing out the worst in Jess and the worst in Schmidt and i'm kind of into that. New Girl )

Not a lot to say, except how much do I love that Sally really is this raging zealot and a cynical ambitious politician all at the same time? So much. Scandal )
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Wheeee, Big Bang Theory! Sail on, you pack of weird, awkward, unsentimental ships. Sail on. :-)
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I'd ragequit POI after Carter, but a friend lured me back today and I'm all caught up. I'm still mad about Carter, but the show's swerve into cyberpunk from the thrillery/police/mob thing just owns me. Root in a steamy Asian noodle shop straight out of Neuromancer is more than my little nerd heart can resist. Speaking of which, all that stuff, about human memory and machine memory and life and loss and stuff also put me muchly in mind of Gibson, so, yeah, i'm back. Stupid show.
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Ack, damned show, making me somehow feel for Peralta! Not fair!


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