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I see - and sympathize - with all complaining that no one is writing fic for your favourite rare pairing or obscure old fandom, but I will raise you all the sublime frustration that no one is writing serious meta for your critically unregarded comedy loves.

WHY can I not find a good analysis of the political subtext of Brooklyn Nine Nine? WHERE is the critical deconstruction of the narrative tools in How I Met Your Mother? HOW is no one jumping around on a barricade about class issues in Community? Why dost thou betray me and leave out to dry and with no one to talk to, oh fandom?

I'm going to sit here and stare at the wall, y'all.

Well, at the books, because I'm in a library.

Ooh, that one looks interesting.

Apropos, do you know how incredibly boring, obvious and unimaginative most serious books about tv are? All that "Philosophy of Mad Men" (we have no less than 3 books about Mad Men, and the series isn't even done!) or Women on TV: from Lucy to Friends type stuff. I sort through them a lot because that section tends to be a perennial mess, and SO OBVIOUS.
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Is there a way to figure out if your fic has been linked somewhere? I've been receving relative oodles of kudos on one of them lately, months after I've finished it. Nice, but curious.
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Dear Author,

I'll love anything :-)

In the interest of being more useful, I really don't have any preference in terms of particular pairings, characters or situations, but what I love best in fics is the kind that really re-think, deconstruct or just plain mess around with the original text rather than try to recreate it. Crossovers, AUs, funny things taken dead serious, serious things made funny, radical-feminist retellings, stories where the villain is the hero, stories from the sidekicks point of view, etc, etc. If there's anything that speaks to you in that direction - the wilder the better - that would be amazing. If it doesn't, more of awesome female characters hanging out and doing their thing and being awesome is also always entirely welcome.

Thank you!
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For fandom_stocking, I started a drabble but it turned into something pretty lengthy. (5k+, probably.) Do I post the whole thing as a comment? Can I post it to FF/AO3 in secret, somehow, and leave a link? I could really use the chapter-break option of the archives, plus not having to go through and fix all the italics, (that I over-rely on italics in writing is a different story) even aside from the fact that posting 5k as a comment feels odd.


Oct. 28th, 2013 02:46 am
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I wrote fic, and I finished the fic (yay, I never finish anything! I've been working on the last page of a short story for three years). Now, people-in-the-reviews mostly seemed to quite like the early chapters, but almost no one liked the ending in the slightest. Total backlash. It's exactly the ending I had planned from the start, I wrote it exactly the way I wrote all the other chapters, and I cannot for the life of me see any other possible ending. I'm kinda baffled. I explained all this to my sister, who reads and writes a lot more fic than me. She immediately nodded sagely and explained, "you're a troll."

Dude, feedback, man. My god, stuff is easier when it stays in your brain.

(Fic in question is The Bedroom Barricade, Big Bang Theory, Sheldon/Amy.)

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Ok, it's The Big Bang Theory fanfic, but something about that show just demands deconstruction for me. Plus, it's the first fic i've written in years, since that time I couldn't come up with a plot for my Alpha/Adelle Dollhouse story and gave up. (I still maintain that was the show's most obvious OTP.)

The Trans Neptunian Object, ~4000 words, Sheldon/Amy, PG-13


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