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I'm beginning to feel perversely bad for Wade - ie, he of no personality. He obviously has no personality on purpose, and is being set up as the show's foil (in terms of ideology and, well, style) in such a mechanical and boring way, that i'm kind of on his side. He's a soldier-action-dude. He's pretty good at what he does. Now a bunch of chirpily ever-so-cute feisty people with no experience show up and he's expected to bond and be everyone's best friend, and we - the audience - are supposed to resent him when he doesn't take to that like a fish to water?

Honestly, I kind of want him to take on the mentor role with Skye, and all grow as a person and go outside his comfort zone and learn as much from her as she does from him and realize his manly isolation thing is only hurting him and all the usual stuff...and then to have her utterly and totally, irrevocably, betray him. I'd watch that.
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Everyone on SHIELD looks exactly the same to me. They're just all so...samey, from such a mold. Serious but plucky but damaged but witty, oh the humanity. Don't care at all. It looks like this won't be the thing to change my insistent, and generally inexplicable, apathy to all things superhero.

I quite like the idea of a show about all these shadowy secret societies, secret agencies, secret powers and secret everythings that have been such tropes for so long breaking down or getting subverted. Because this is the age we're living in and you cannot play your games of cowboys and Indians and heroes and villains above the head of the rest of the human population of Earth and expect no one to ever notice the random explosions, flying people, alien invasions and general mayhem, or to gratefully tug at their forelock and thank you with a tear in their simple proletarian eye when they do like it's 1952. Only i'm not sure it is that show at all. There was a political rant there at the end that was, you know, true, but all you get in the end is the system benevolently sweeping in tranquilizing the angry,(EXPLODING ANGRY!) political Black guy (the only black guy in the episode and possibly that universe) for his own good. So, you know, meh.


You can't handle the truth! Person of Interest is back! Yay! Like always, I'm really interested in the whole setup of the show (it's the most Science Fictional actual show i'm aware of on TV at the moment) and the various character arcs, but episode-by-episode it's still a little draggy. Still, I thought the fairly tight, treasure hunt like plot here was a bit of an improvement over a lot of last season, and they caught up with everyone nicely. A slightly larger cast of characters seems to help keep things moving. I still think the guy playing Reese isn't really pulling it off, but he's more interesting less-crazy and less-isolated, and it's neat to see him being the one reaching out to someone else for once. I dig potential Reese-Carter bonding chats over, like, interrogation techniques and which corner of your apartment you put your wall-of-crazy on for best feng shui. Also, Shaw is a much more entertaining crazy violent on the run special ops person than Reese ever was. PoI is the only show where she and Lionel are the obvious comic relief.


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