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Knights of Badassdom is fine, but insufficiently funny. Also, I've run stuff that was essentially LARP, (a little more Marx, at one point a little more rockets from Lebanon, and once a shipping container fire, but aside from that, essentially LARP) and all my sympathy was with Rodney at all times. Stop whinging and play the game, everyone! Why are you out of character?  Where are you all going? You're supposed to be over <i> there</i> right now! Um, because there is a schedule. Stop it! The rules are there to make it fun!


Jan. 19th, 2014 12:26 am
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Saw Frozen with my sister, who is an animator and so a particular mix of extremely tolerant and incredibly nitpicky when it comes to animated movies. We did not love it much at all. It's not terrible, but it's quite messy, somewhat lazy and awfully oddly paced.

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My sister and I tried to watch the BBC Sherlock and simply failed. We couldn't even make it to the end. Ended up having a really good discussion about fantasy casting a Temeraire movie while it played on in the background. (She favours Henry Cavill for Lawrence, because apparently he's actually read Temeraire? While I maintain Lawrence needs to be someone a little less generically very handsome and with really, really good comedic chops, as Lawrence's perennial straight-man to the whole universe is one of the things that really make the books for me.)

So, you know, a productive night.
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...yes, so maybe i'm watching it because I never have and it's a plot point in next week's Big Bang Theory.

- Where did she pick up a very Ukrainian vyshyvanka (embroidered shirt) between Tibet and Cairo? Seriously, I have one exactly like that.

- Other than that, that's like one of the funnest ways I can recall ever being introduced to a female character. Totally badass without any sexualization.

- It's a Nazi monkey?

That is all.
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I am enjoying this so disturbingly much. The awkwardness! All the awkwardness, all the time! Thank you Giandujakiss! And it's not that racist thus far. I find the scenes where the camers follows that servants, who are obviously also awkward around the heroine, kind of interesting.

Iron Man 3

Jun. 24th, 2013 01:34 am
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Neither enjoyable enough nor irritating enough for more than bullet points.
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So today was another day wasted miserably. I have to get out of the house, I just can't study here. Well, I can, but I fail. Ambitious new plan for tommorow: go to community center and study at the library. When utterly bored from studying, do down the stairs to the gym or the pool. Come back to the library. Go to Zumba or Spinning or whatever the hell they have on Mondays. (I've never been. I'm willing to try anything at this point.) If bored of all, bring along kindle and just read for a while. Maybe outside, in the park, in that place where there's air and sun, (I've heard rumors.) Under no circumstances watch tv, write fanfic, spend hours on tumblr or try to come up with excessively complex readings of sitcoms and be upset when no one will take you up on, say, tracing BDSM elements in Sheldon/Amy on the Big Bang Theory. STUDY. MACROECONOMICS IS AWESOME, LIKE TOTALLY. AND SO IS ZUMBA. Drink water, that too.
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I think this might have been my brilliant idea...

Galaxy Quest, you are adorkable and watchable and you made me happy and you win. Read more... )

Iron Sky (ie, the Nazi's from the Moon Movie,) you have a few decent gags and some cool wtf, but you are terribly paced and characterized. We just all ended up looking up thing things on wikipedia on our phones by the time you were done.
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Spaceballs, I don't get you at all. It might be too long since i've seen Star Wars, or it's just not my type of humor or the references are too far away from me. Nothing more to say.
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 The Hunchback of Notre Dame vs. the Prague Cemetery for more intense depiction of tortured brew of religion, racism and depraved sublimated lust in Paris? Disney. 

Damn, I love that movie. It was my favorite Disney movie even as a kid, (I know I loved it when I was 9, though I don't know what I made of it) and it so totally holds up. 
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This was nice bit of fluff. I liked that the love interest got to be genuinely badass (to the point of being a little nuts) but since she was tagged very early on as the love interest she was just narratively unconvincing as the foil for most of the movie, so that undercut it a little. Not sure about the kids having different accents from the adults either. Seems like pandering. Wasn't super in-love with the animation either, come to think of it. Eh, i'll stop complaining now. It was nice. 
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4.05 - Forged Steele - There are issues and they are about trust and it is complicated...so they talk about it. Straight away. Like adults. And it's intelligent and interesting. And hot. Also, the hole in the floor was fabulous. Great plot.  

4.06 - Corn Fed Steele - Did this have something to do with Reaganism? I dunno. Nevermind, I was distracted by collarbones and barnyard puns anyway. 

Gradually, fashionwise, one can begin to see echoes of what will one day be known as the 90's. It's not precisely attractive, per say, but nevertheless kind of a relief. 

Watched Brave last night, and must confess to being a teensy bit underwhelmed. It worked best for me on the humor level - I laughed quite a bit. Alas, I was also a little bit bored quite a bit. The plot was just slightly too thin, with too few characters being given any development to go on that long. It needed a subplot or something. It's also very, very pretty, but nothing quite made me go wow visually either. Still, unusual subject matter dealing with mother-daughter relashionships in a way that isn't awful is welcome. 


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