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Is there a betting pool somewhere on who the next characters to turn up in Once Upon a Time will be? Don Quixote? Dracula? Ziggy Stardust? There really should be.

My virtual money is on either on something from the Arabian Nights, or Oz.
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I admit I completely lost the plot for long bits there (admittedly, because I was mostly less watching and more half listening while sorting through some tedious spreadsheet stuff and ocassionally just reading) and I have to confess I don't feel anything much for any of the characters. (Maybe Pinnochio, who is like this interesting comment on privelege, I (over)think. He has to be super-special-extra-plus-plus good, all the time, just to claw his way to basic humanity and stay there, which everyone else can have for free just because they accidentally happened to be born human, no matter how badly they behave.) However, I have a soft spot for total and utter crack and nonsense, so, you know, all aboard.

I did however love the end of the season, in a cheap giggly way, simply because Peter Pan was the first thing I ever got meta about. Seriously, I must have been like 12 or 13 and I read it somewhere or someone explained it to me and OMG. Peter Pan is kind of dark. Even though it's a happy children's story, I didn't have to take it simply as told. It was a revelation. I literally went around for weeks starting conversation with increasingly random people with "Listen, he never wants to grow up. And Hook is being chased by a ticking clock. Do you see it? Do you? Do you? A clock!!!"

Which is to say: one, I was an obnoxious kid, and two, deconstructed villain Peter Pan shall forever have a place in my heart and I'm really looking forward to catching up seasons 3.
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Is it weird that the thing I like best about Captain Hook is not the hotness, the roughishness, the sincerity, the ambiguous evil or the endlessly shifting loyalties, but that he has a really excellent vocabulary?
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Fine, Once Upon A Time, you win. Damn my undying love for a good crossover.

However, Read more... )
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I am mesmerized by the badness of this dialogue. Mesmerized.


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