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Dec. 13th, 2012 04:48 pm
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Beauty and the Beast, 1987, Early Season 1? It is the corniest, cheesiest, hammiest thing i've ever seen. It's a veritable Iowa State Fair of television. It's kind of magnificent.  
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I'm having a blast working my way through Remington Steele, but I know if I watch an episode I end up watching another one (and then probably another one) and I need to be up early tomorrow. (And I have that sinking feeling of oh-noez-it-will-be-over-soon, so I catch myself deliberately trying to stretch it out.) 

So since I'm on an 80's kick anyway, and this had been at the back of my head for a while, because, hey, it sounds neat. I'm not actually a completionist, but it feels kinda cool to claim that I am (like trying on a monocle. Or something), and I've read a lot of what George R. R. Martin has written. I figured now that i'm immersed in 80's stuff anyway and it maybe doesn't jump out as datedly unwatchable quite as badly, I might as well go and finally watch Beauty and the Beast, 1987. 

Pilot: Once Upon A Time in the City of New York. Very vague, quasi-spoilers for pilot, lots of rambling about GRRM. 


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 TL;DR - Sometimes clunky but effective and even evocative in places, possibly more interesting than it pretends to be. (Possibly not?) Will keep watching, if only to place in pop-culture context of Urban Fantasy/Romance.



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