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I have this writing bunny bouncing around in my head where it's a kind of campy pastiche of orientalist Edwardian lady derring do ala Gertrude Bell but set in Central Asia instead of the Middle East (beats me why) and seems to be situated somewhere between romance and erotica genre-wise and, like, hopefully not racist,

which, ok, so far so good, but for some reason the brain is insisting on a framing device, possibly multiple framing devices, where its set much later (WW2ish) and its someone finding this personal/political/elaborately smutty journal and having to track down the protagonist for Important Information To Defeat Nazis (because why not, nazis) accross soon-to-be-at-war Europe and then Gertrude-Bell-Character gets involved with his wife (I dunno, k?) etcetera, and the journal in and of itself as a physical object is also stolen by someone else back in the original Edwardian timeline so there's a second point-of-view first-timeline character emerging all of which I feel is really unneccessary for the actual thing but there we go.

Point being, I'm writing none of this because I'm in grad school and never write anything that doesn't have a citation anymore, but I did spend half the weekend working out in meticulous detail the perspective switches and epistolary interjection one pivotal scene would need to work with this needlessly elaborate framing device.


(I also finished an abstract tho!)
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I can't sleep. I can't sleep, because if I lie down I can't breathe. I really hate being sick. I'm also sorry for the spam.

Writing resolutions 2014, in roughly this order:

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Dear Author,

I'll love anything :-)

In the interest of being more useful, I really don't have any preference in terms of particular pairings, characters or situations, but what I love best in fics is the kind that really re-think, deconstruct or just plain mess around with the original text rather than try to recreate it. Crossovers, AUs, funny things taken dead serious, serious things made funny, radical-feminist retellings, stories where the villain is the hero, stories from the sidekicks point of view, etc, etc. If there's anything that speaks to you in that direction - the wilder the better - that would be amazing. If it doesn't, more of awesome female characters hanging out and doing their thing and being awesome is also always entirely welcome.

Thank you!
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So I think I've failed Nano. The thing where I haven't touched it in two weeks might have been my first clue. "I can just write this because I don't care about it," will eventually flounder upon the reefs of not caring. There's one subplot I quite like and could theoretically be hacked out in a novella, some day, so that's something.

Instead, i'm back to trying to write that short story that's been bouncing around my head for years, combining vampire romance with the mass rape of the Eastern Front. Happy thought. Yay.
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Mellie, all the Mellie. Read more... ) Oh, Mellie, you gorgeous wreckage of a human being.

Also, yay Nanowrimo day 1! Completed. Of course, now I just feel guilty for being happy about trippy new project rather than the 19 unfinished ones lying around. Oh well.


Oct. 28th, 2013 02:46 am
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I wrote fic, and I finished the fic (yay, I never finish anything! I've been working on the last page of a short story for three years). Now, people-in-the-reviews mostly seemed to quite like the early chapters, but almost no one liked the ending in the slightest. Total backlash. It's exactly the ending I had planned from the start, I wrote it exactly the way I wrote all the other chapters, and I cannot for the life of me see any other possible ending. I'm kinda baffled. I explained all this to my sister, who reads and writes a lot more fic than me. She immediately nodded sagely and explained, "you're a troll."

Dude, feedback, man. My god, stuff is easier when it stays in your brain.

(Fic in question is The Bedroom Barricade, Big Bang Theory, Sheldon/Amy.)

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Working on plotting out a story:

One half of brain: So...they go and they get...ambushed. By...um...soldiers. In the mountains. There are soldiers in the mountains and they ambush everyone, because they're...still fighting WW2! That's it. They're some of those guys who would come stumbling out of the jungles years after the war was over, only they hadn't heard of it, and couldn't be convinced it really was. It's this melancholy pathos - fighting ghosts, lives squandered chasing an imaginary enemy, unable to let go of the past...

Other half of brain: why must everything be melancholy with you? Can't you write a happy story for once?

First half: Well...all right. Ok, they're not fighting imaginary Nazis...they're fighting actual Nazis! Happy story with Nazis!

*very pleased*
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Or, they did use the word clitoris in at least the late 19th Century. (Discovered while looking for something else entirely.) Thank god. I'm usually of the opinion that you have to be very careful with using words that sound too modern, even if they're actually appropriately period, because it still snaps the reader out of the sense-of-the-times, even if that sense is actually in accurate. (Unless you're trying to do something deliberate with that, of course. It all depends on what you're going for.) But with clitoris I just. don't. care. Goodbye, 'nub', 'bud', 'pearl', 'blossom', 'berry', 'secret tiny cupcake of love' and all the rest of them. Hurray. 

(...but I wasn't actually willing to use 'clitoris' until I was sure that it wasn't actually anachronistic. Look-this-makes-sense-in-my-brain-ok?) 
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It's all proper rain and everything, likely to last all day making rain-noise and rain-smell throughout. We don't get very many of these a year, and this one was nice enough to fall on a weekend. 

What I should be doing includes overdue schoolwork, schoolwork that will soon be overdue, urgent work stuff that needs to happen now, (now now now!) and a lot of sensible writing projects that I could be making some headway on and many books that I might read that might teach me new things and expand my horizon and so on. 

What I want to do is marathon Season 1 of Community and keep reading about the 1900 World's Fair for the now ludicurously over-researched and yet still very vague short story idea. Seriously, I don't have a plot, but if I were to put in citations this thing would have a better bibliography than any paper i've ever handed in. 


Dec. 17th, 2012 04:20 pm
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"The Viennese have adopted the decorative zigzag with alarming enthusiasm."

Andre Hallys on art nouveau, 1900, (quoted in Great Exhibitions by Jonathan Meyer.) Part of a fabulous rant. Also displays uncompromising loathing for all things Belgian. What such a man might have done with a blog. Alas, born a century too early. Oh, 1900 Paris World Fair, why must you be so strangely difficult to research? 


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