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I say this from great, great love for the American elections. The reason everyone else follows the US elections with such joy and delight is not, Aaron Sorkin, because they are "the envy of the world." We follow them because they are perhaps the finest expression of what may currently be Americas most important export: entertainment. American elections are, hands down, the most entertaining in the world. They have the best production values and the shiniest participants, and are staggeringly good value for money for a viewer. I look forward to them far more than I do to any blockbuster. This is not to deride them as a process, but merely to appreciate this somewhat unsung aspect. Yay for America!
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Ahhh, this show is made of douche. Bashing Mitt Romney with things other people figured out and moved on from a year ago is just embarassing to watch. Yes.
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Woot! The Newsroom is back!

I loathe this show, but I loathe it with an unmatched depth of delighted glee. It makes me happy to watch it. Granted, 10% of the happiness is the soapy nonsense (where I just hope Don can get the hell out of it,) 10% is the snappy dialogue, and 80% is yelling at the tv and plumbing the depths of my vocabulary about how patronizing, sanctimonious, po-faced, unthinkingly sexist, offensive to those who are non-americans, offensive to those who are Americans, condescending to people with strongly held political opinions, equally condescending to those without strongly held political opinions, cheaply manipulative, narratively cowardly, deeply stupid and endlessly pandering it is.

Oh, all right. Go ahead and judge me. Know only that for a little while I am happy, and what more can we ask for in this life?

Also, barring all that, this episode was kinda ok.

I got back to doing weight at the gym, and finally did the bench press. Before I was doing New Rules of Lifting for Women, which isn't crazy about the bench press, but I gotta say, there's just something so...iconic, and iconically masculine about it, that makes it very satisfying. Also, loads of non-arm-and-shoulder muscles are involved, which surprised me a bit. The body, it is a clever thing.
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Random aside:

Front page of Haaretz, a major Israeli newspaper, today. The two images are illustrating two completely different articles, with no particular connection between them. For all I know they were tossed up there by a popularity algorithm or something.

Meanwhile, I watched Remington Steele 1x18, "Steele in the News" (which i'd missed going through S1) which was a nice enough episode, (a bit of past angst from Steele, but he redeemed himself by being a bit funny about it) and included an outraged "we're all going to hell in a hand basket, oh how the greats have fallen, what will the people do without us", rant from an aging anchorman about the state of the news today (that is, in 1983.) It could have come, word for word, from Aaron Sorkin's "Newsroom". Only RS had the good taste to make that character the murderer and his rant a thing that invites pity as well as outrage, thus making a more complex statement in one goofy 45 minute episode than Sorkin managed in an entire po-faced, pretentious season of pompous bloviating.

Just to drive the sense of temporal dislocation home, the episode also had gossip - and complaint about the shallowness of said gossip - about a royal British pregnancy.


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