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 OK, I've decided - Northern Exposure is my favourite show ever. There's an episode about literature professors bickering about deconstruction. There's an episode where they go fishing and get a rabbi. There's an episode about sad, rogue ex KGB agents. 

Why, yes, my seminar paper is due in like two weeks, why do you ask? 
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Random seasons 2 episodes of N -

I had forgotten how Jewish Joel was. I don't know why it stands out, but it does. He's not religious, he's not even particularly culturally devoted, but it's just there. He mentions it, he jokes about it. Even his surreal fever dreams are rooted in Jewish motifs and history. It's not even so much the Judaism, per se, as seeing a character that is distinctly rooted in, and influenced by a culture without it being either the whole of the characterization or a throwaway thing. It's like, say, the little mention that Joan (from Elementary) knows Mandarin, not as well as her mother would like. It's not a big deal, but it just makes her a tiny bit more real - she's multilingual, she's the product of an immigrant experience, etc, etc. I'd love to see more of that. A Jewish, or Asian, or Black character is *probably* going to have at least slightly different cultural baggage and family history than a white one, but all TV-Americans, regardless of race, often seem to have been raised in some kind of total cultural uniformity.
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Still great. I really want to come up with some meta or something about it, but I end up just basking in looking at trees and Joel's collection of WTF? expressions.

I finally took a deep breath and figured out my exam schedule, and seeing that i've got about a week longer than I thought promptly stopped studying and went off to watch Exposure. Will I never learn?


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