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God help me, I watch a lot of tv.

ok, I may ship Duncan/Britta a little. IDEK. Community )

There's my bleak, undignified, human-condition examining show again! Who's a good weird little sitcom? The Big Bang Theory )

I seem to be in a minority that saw the Boyle/Diaz stuff here as being shippy again?
Brooklyn 99 )

I haven't liked this season much, but Abbie is bringing out the worst in Jess and the worst in Schmidt and i'm kind of into that. New Girl )

Not a lot to say, except how much do I love that Sally really is this raging zealot and a cynical ambitious politician all at the same time? So much. Scandal )
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Oh, New Girl, how did you get so boring?

Fantastic Community episode, though Abed at standard unfeeling tv-autism robot guy was shallow. Other characters had some nice moments though.

Mom was astonishingly unfunny, but it didn't even seem to be trying. Just piling on indignity after indignity to portray the petty indignities of being working class. Not sure if it's quite working here the way it has worked in other episodes - it seemed a little too self aware of what it was doing. "Maybe people do change." / "Maybe they don't." Well, duh. The episode never allowed it as an option to fail - there was never any possible doubt that the roof would be fixed. (Luke and Baxter kind of going through the complete constellation of tv masculinity in one conversation - fixing things, being immature, being fathers, blaming fathers - was oddly interesting however.)
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Brooklyn 99 - how awesome is it that Peralta and Diaz have this backstory of cameraderie and trust? I completely buy them as friends, given the way they both tend to be a bit antiauthoritarian and immature, much more so than I buy Peralta and Santiago's rivalry or Boyle's crush on Peralta. Those always felt more like plot fiats more than being organic to the characters. I also like the introduction of what seems to be a long-term nemesis for them. That took some nicely convoluted twists and turns, considering it was all crammed into so little time. (Learn, hour-long procedurals where nothing happens. Learn.) All right, the captain wandering around holding the "small dogs" was adorable, but the physical stuff with Boyle fell kind of flat. Dunno, people pouring liquids on themselves has never done anything for me as humor, and I honestly have a fairly broad and extremely undiscerning sense of humor. Maybe it's because I live in an arid climate.

New Girl - This show may be on it's last legs with me. That felt tedious and sermonizing. I'm - just gonna say it - not a fan of Coach either. I'd gotten used to the dynamics of the original four (plus Cece) of them, adding him doesn't seem to really shake up anything, not do I find the character particularly funny in any way. Maybe Winston's plot twist here will see him having something to do, but otherwise that felt like a waste of time. Even the contrivance of the episode being sort-of in real time - usually the kind of thing I'm a sucker for - fell flat. They didn't do anything with that time, there was no tension, nothing interesting happening. Winston's Latvian flashbacks are always mildly amusing, but that's about it.
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I'm working on my final undergrad essay, so, naturally, i'm getting nothing done and watching lots of tv. New shows and shows that are back:

- Legend of Korra: darn it that felt off. And everyone seems to be acting really dumb and, worst of all, kinda flat. Where's your nuance, show? Avatar used to be able to have people in it who more than one personality trait. Aang could be dedicated and goofy both. Korra doesn't seem to have much beyond rebellious, and it's a shame.

- New Girl: darn it, it also felt off. The subplots felt unconnected and the humor was weak. FIND SOMETHING TO DO WITH WINSTON, show, he's a main character, if you haven't noticed.

- Sleepy Hollow: if I squint and make a very careful effort not to think about the plot at all, I totally enjoy this! It's not taking itself seriously and has a cheerful wacky streak, AND there might be some interesting characterization in there, some day, with a little effort. There's potential, is what i'm saying.
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I just want to say that my early estimation of New Girl was totally correct. This is the show about the tragic romance of Schmidt and Cece. Will he be her salvation? Will she be his redemption? It's heartbreaking, yo. 

The comic subplot about the klutzy roomates is ok, I guess. 
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So this is very enjoyable in a pass the time kind of way, but my brain can't quite figure out how to watch it. It not super funny, but it's not super soapy either (i'm annoyed that they seem to be pushing a Jess/Nick romance, and i'm usually into romances.) I think i'm mainly watching it as a sort of dark, Dostoyevskiyan slide into soulless dissolution of Schmidt thing.  


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