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Can I get away with referencing Neal Stephenson in an academic essay, on urbanism in Doha, Qatar? 

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I see - and sympathize - with all complaining that no one is writing fic for your favourite rare pairing or obscure old fandom, but I will raise you all the sublime frustration that no one is writing serious meta for your critically unregarded comedy loves.

WHY can I not find a good analysis of the political subtext of Brooklyn Nine Nine? WHERE is the critical deconstruction of the narrative tools in How I Met Your Mother? HOW is no one jumping around on a barricade about class issues in Community? Why dost thou betray me and leave out to dry and with no one to talk to, oh fandom?

I'm going to sit here and stare at the wall, y'all.

Well, at the books, because I'm in a library.

Ooh, that one looks interesting.

Apropos, do you know how incredibly boring, obvious and unimaginative most serious books about tv are? All that "Philosophy of Mad Men" (we have no less than 3 books about Mad Men, and the series isn't even done!) or Women on TV: from Lucy to Friends type stuff. I sort through them a lot because that section tends to be a perennial mess, and SO OBVIOUS.
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Anyone have a favorite band or artist to rec?

(I feel like i've been listening to the same ten Leonard Cohen and Gaslight Anthem songs for a year. My taste in music is both eclectic and terrible (really, i'm completely tone deaf and the only thing I can sing so people even recognize it is the Internationale. And I have to accompany that with hand gestures) and it's pretty good odds I've never even heard of that really famous artist everyone has heard of. I mostly listen for the lyrics, but my idea of good lyrics stretches from Cohen and Springsteen straight through to Lady Gaga.)

Anyone? Literally anything?
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Is there a way to figure out if your fic has been linked somewhere? I've been receving relative oodles of kudos on one of them lately, months after I've finished it. Nice, but curious.
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I did a stupid thing. I drank three cups of coffee. I normally average about a cup a month, and I don't drink coke or even tea (just herbal stuff. Rarely actual tea.) I'm all twitchy and my eyes are open too wide. Anyone have anything they want to talk about? I'm here! Probably all night.
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Olympic opening ceremony - someone needs to come along and break the historical narratives thing that's been running for a while. Done straight or camp, it's too long and a little embarassing.

Also, did we really skip the war? Huh.
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Interesting piece about changes in lefty language - from solidarity and oppression to privilege and allies. I admit i'm kinda old school and find privilege talk occasionally grating, but this went a long way towards making look a little more kindly upon it.
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Proposal from A: We want to collectively buy food and sell it to at-cost to members to undercut the giant evil chain.

Proposal from B: (One street over,) we want to establish a community controlled space that would tackle consumer issues in a practical way

Proposal from Me: I will write the dark comedy script about the warring cooperatives that wouldn't.

...I haven't been super useful in this seminar.
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My sister and I tried to watch the BBC Sherlock and simply failed. We couldn't even make it to the end. Ended up having a really good discussion about fantasy casting a Temeraire movie while it played on in the background. (She favours Henry Cavill for Lawrence, because apparently he's actually read Temeraire? While I maintain Lawrence needs to be someone a little less generically very handsome and with really, really good comedic chops, as Lawrence's perennial straight-man to the whole universe is one of the things that really make the books for me.)

So, you know, a productive night.
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...from GMT+2. That's it, it's 2014. I can sleep now.

I'm kind of perversely pleased to be running a fever, since it gets me off the hook for doing something partyish. Old Community episodes and a lot of tea FTW.

Have a really good year, reading list!


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