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December meme - favorite parts of Star Trek:

I'm not sure about this one either. I've seen a lot of Star Trek, and yet there's a lot of Star Trek i've missed (All the movies, TOS) or seen in bits and pieces in rather random orders. (TNG, Enterprise, yes, I know we don't talk about Enterprise but I did see a bunch of it.)

Truth be told, while I love DS9 and think it's definitely probably the strongest Trek overall, "my" Star Trek will always be Voyager. I know, I know, and in retrospect I can see a lot of the problems with it (and I'll probably never rewatch, because that will be sad) but I watched it religiously when I was, like, 9 years old or something and it has my heart.

First of all, it had women in it. It had Captain Janeway who was acerbic and mild mannered and in charge, and it had Seven of Nine, and it had B'Elanna, who was clearly the coolest person in the entire universe. (And I was embaressingly shippy about her and Paris. I was 9, yes?) Chicks on spaceships, running the spaceships, far, far away, was pretty much everything I needed from life at that point. (Probably because I had also discovered Robert Heinlein by then.) And there was the Doctor (and to a lesser extent, Seven of Nine) which nicely fed my "People who are not quite people try to learn how to be people," thing.

I also just liked the idea of the journey and the fact they had no idea where they were and were trying to claw their way through this...distance. There was something exciting and compelling about that, in the same way I always find untangling some vast and ever growing logistical catastrophe delightful, but don't care in the slightest about letting it build up in the first place. (When I play tetris, I first make a mess almost to the top, and then spend the game trying to battle it down. This makes more sense with 3D tetris where you also block your view of the bottom and so don't know what's coming. I can't for the life of me see the point of just making and destroying layer after neat layer. This may explain much about my life, now that I think of it.)

(And I love DS9 for all the usual reasons - Kira and Garak and Bashir, and the moral and political complexity and the atmosphere and the plot arcs and the worldbuilding and everything, but, eh, that's easy.)

Snow: still blanketing the city. Uni: not happening tomorrow either.


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