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Managed to get back into Jerusalem after snowpocalypse in reasonably sound order (buses running, road open) but then had to hike home because no public transport seemed to be going to Southern neighbourhoods. (Met my boss and my sister just walking along, too. (not together)). Just got here when they called from the community center and said they needed volunteers to go door to door a bit, so hiked over there and went through a few buildings that we knew had been without power for ages.

Everyone fine, it seems (though one place was still without power) but I think people were just happy to see that someone is out and about and doing stuff after probably feeling really cut off and abandoned for ages. Which did make me think, well, that's fucking nice of us, now it's basically all over. Are we just putting a nice face on, and perpetuating a sense of obligation to, a state that failed to function particularly well for this lower-middle class neighbourhood when actually in need? And then I decided to go home and take a hot shower and stop angsting pretentiously, because there's only so much political utility to that, at the end of the day.

My way overdue for December meme: Sarah Connor, the flashforwards.

I meant to be further along in my re-watch at this point and have move to say about them, because i've still got almost all of season 2 to go, but i'll give it a go anyway.

I love the way TSCC does the future. It's relentless and grim and desperate, but it also has moments of this almost baroque quality, this evocative place that has taken the shredded remains of the present and has built them up into something cherished and strange. I love the awe that everyone from beyond Judgement Day has for the present, for its boring, ordinary everyday luxuries that are treasured memories of better times for them. I also love to bits the fact that it changes all the time (and the way that's woven into the story,) and how people, or versions of people, at least, are forever emerging and disappearing and they all look for each other and can't decide if they're real or not or what, and that it's always shifting but there's still always Judgement day, which makes it way more menancing than the actul fact of the event.
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More Sarah Connor:

It's awesome to me how obviously this show is fanfiction, much more than it is a strict sequel. It doesn't really care about "what happens next". It cares about taking existing characters and situations and playing around with them. Changing tone, following through to logical extremes, deconstructing, subverting, showing the villains POV, showing the sidekick's POV, making the off-screen on-screen, putting characters in new situations, exploring new corners of the world...Oh, show.

I also continue to wonder how this even got made. How did that meeting go, which started out with "Hey, we have a giant, action movie franchise with a bit of romance and a couple of kickass lines, where things blow up a lot. Let's make a tie-in show," and ended with "And it should totally be this intense, melancholy reflection on the nature of heroism, loyalty and leadership, with a keen respect for the value and fragility of human life, a meditation on the meaning of the soul and a complex and challenging approach to gender and motherhood. Awesome, dudes!"

We will never know.

(Unless we do know? There's probably a blog post somewhere, isn't there?)


Is it just me (data is not the plural of anecdote, but still...) or has it been chattier here since the change so thingy will tell you if comments have been replied to? My months on Dreamwidth so far have been relatively quiet. I read stuff, I write stuff. Sometimes I comment or get a comment and there's a sense that people are reading what I write, but it's all a bit vague. The past few days it feels like there's an almost constant snippet of conversation going somewhere. (That's cool.)
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Blakes 7, eps 1-2: Admittedly, this is something of a chore, in some ways, (it really is very, very ugly, isn't it? And, truth be told, I often find ugliness kind of interesting. But this really needed at least, like, a decent lightbulb just to start with.) but there are also upsides. It's absolutely amazing how much livelier the thing becomes when Vila, Jenna or Avon finally make an appearance. Suddenly it's something i'm really watching, and not just vaguely looking at. I also like how the lawyer's girlfriend (wife? Whatever?) immediately just joined him in his quest without any arguing or or anything. That was just refreshing. Also, "I am going to The Computer." Lol, ok, i'll definitely try to keep watching.

Sarah Connor Chronicles is the most perfectest show ever in the history of ever. I mean, seriously. All the thematic stuff that is going to be so important later on? It's right there in season 1, all over the place. I also really have a soft spot for season 1 and the messy psuedo-family dynamics that they have in that old, autumney house there. (What happened in season 2? They seem to have moved climate zones, not just across town or something. Suddenly it's all sunshine and bright green lawns.) I always feel a tad guilty fixating on him in a show so interested in it's female characters and in the roles they have, but, man, I have a hell of a soft spot for Derek in S1, his wonder and his horror.

There's the "give me a topic and i'll write about it in December" meme, and i've had quite a bit of fun today picking topics for other people, so in that spirit, on the off chance someone will bite. Give me a topic and a day and i'll write about it. Anything: books, TV, personal, political (...If I can, probably references to all 4 on virtually any given topic.)

4 - Sleepy Hollow
6 - favorite female characters
9 - What do you look for in tv shows?
10 - talk of Peter Grant
13 - TSCC, particularly the flashforwards
15 - favorite parts of Star Trek
20 - Thoughts on The Newsroom

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Wait, is that...Read more... ) TSCC, you truly are endlessly perfect.


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