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Whee. Characterization and science fiction and good plot and pacing. Conciousness is underpinned by empathy? Root embraces cyborgization? Does  the Machine has a plan, or does it have internal contradictions?
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I'd ragequit POI after Carter, but a friend lured me back today and I'm all caught up. I'm still mad about Carter, but the show's swerve into cyberpunk from the thrillery/police/mob thing just owns me. Root in a steamy Asian noodle shop straight out of Neuromancer is more than my little nerd heart can resist. Speaking of which, all that stuff, about human memory and machine memory and life and loss and stuff also put me muchly in mind of Gibson, so, yeah, i'm back. Stupid show.
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Seminar for "activism networking." WTF. SO AMERICAN. Why do they keep taking our pictures? Why are all the questions stupid? Why are the production values so high? There are printed booklets, man. Why are half the relevant organizations in the city not here? Why are fascists - according to the courts, yo! - here? Say what you will about Jerusalem, but it is an interesting town. How could you find a way of talking about it that is so incredibly boring? How did I get dragged into this? Oh, right, I stood still long enough and it got pinned on me.

Good grief, there is nothing more depressing than listening to liberal, centrist organizations made up of middle class gard students whinge about how difficult it is to be liberal, centrist organizations and congratulate one another for hanging in there, sweetie. An ourouborous of activism that can now produce nothing and maybe needs to be gently put down and useful resources and manpower turned elsewhere.

Oh, and it's in a kibbutz.
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Not that I care, because i'm not watching any more, but I will complain about it anyway

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But first - Person of Interest...we're done, I'm afraid.

Currently Reading

Raising Steam, Terry Pratchett. I kind of have a thing for trains, but a highly judgmental and specific one (I have an exceedingly complex relationship with the works of China Mieville.) I also quite like the other two Moist books. So I want to like this and it's pleasant enough, but it's not exactly great reading either. Everything seems tepid and bloodless. There's no tension, no surprises, no insights, not even a lot of humor. It's all settled into very comfortable grooves with everyone just acting nice and sensible and stuff. There are no relationships, you know?

Lud in the Mist, Hope Mirlees. Extremely charming but I haven't gotten very far yet. I'm curious to see where it goes, it seems like there's a hard, interesting streak there under the cuteness. I'll be disappointed if it's not explored, I suspect.

Recently Finished

Eighty Days, by Matthew Goodman, non-fiction about Nellie Bly and Elizabeth Blisand's race around the world in 1889. Not very interesting and written in an annoyingly cliched, semi-novelized sort of style which is really annoying. Even the underlying events weren't particularly interesting, truth be told, since the whole thing basically went totally smoothly.
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Person of Interest was actually pretty good this week, despite having many of the things I hate. Carter was fantastic, and while the Shaw story should have been cheesy schmaltz, (it's certainly something of a shift in her characterization, but whatever) it somehow just about worked. Less for the moppety kid and more for that almost surreal and strangely intimate moment with the blood transfusion.

All I have for the Good Wife is generalized squee. Alicia! Diane! Carey and Diane! Will! Will and Kalinda! Kalinda and Carey! Peter! What the hell, Peter! You're making a mistake.

Elementary is growing on me, somehow. I still wish it was less precious about Sherlock, but it's settled into a groove and it's ok. It works better for me when it seems to be closer in on Watson's POV. I don't care much about Sherlock.
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I rewatched this just for fun, and would like to argue that PoI is basically a Gothic. New York is like their giant gloomy abandoned castle, riddled as it is with secret passages, ghosts in basements, mysterious figures drifting through, women trapped in towers, disembodied voices, and portraits with moving eyes.
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Everyone on SHIELD looks exactly the same to me. They're just all so...samey, from such a mold. Serious but plucky but damaged but witty, oh the humanity. Don't care at all. It looks like this won't be the thing to change my insistent, and generally inexplicable, apathy to all things superhero.

I quite like the idea of a show about all these shadowy secret societies, secret agencies, secret powers and secret everythings that have been such tropes for so long breaking down or getting subverted. Because this is the age we're living in and you cannot play your games of cowboys and Indians and heroes and villains above the head of the rest of the human population of Earth and expect no one to ever notice the random explosions, flying people, alien invasions and general mayhem, or to gratefully tug at their forelock and thank you with a tear in their simple proletarian eye when they do like it's 1952. Only i'm not sure it is that show at all. There was a political rant there at the end that was, you know, true, but all you get in the end is the system benevolently sweeping in tranquilizing the angry,(EXPLODING ANGRY!) political Black guy (the only black guy in the episode and possibly that universe) for his own good. So, you know, meh.


You can't handle the truth! Person of Interest is back! Yay! Like always, I'm really interested in the whole setup of the show (it's the most Science Fictional actual show i'm aware of on TV at the moment) and the various character arcs, but episode-by-episode it's still a little draggy. Still, I thought the fairly tight, treasure hunt like plot here was a bit of an improvement over a lot of last season, and they caught up with everyone nicely. A slightly larger cast of characters seems to help keep things moving. I still think the guy playing Reese isn't really pulling it off, but he's more interesting less-crazy and less-isolated, and it's neat to see him being the one reaching out to someone else for once. I dig potential Reese-Carter bonding chats over, like, interrogation techniques and which corner of your apartment you put your wall-of-crazy on for best feng shui. Also, Shaw is a much more entertaining crazy violent on the run special ops person than Reese ever was. PoI is the only show where she and Lionel are the obvious comic relief.
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I watched most of season 2 of Person of Interest sort of out of the corner of my eye while doing other stuff. It was ok, for the most part, until the thing with the office with the paper. That was fantastic.

Speaking of understated robotic tragedy...that was an upbeat season finale for The Big Bang Theory. I expect one step forward, six steps back in season 7.


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