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Who was it that said that you can't make yourself stop being sad? And besides, I seem to have a recollection that they said it better than that.
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My (very old) bra broke during yoga, which was painful for a while, but on the way home I simply threw it away! Did not keep it in a drawer for years because 'i'll find a use for it someday'. Just threw it away. I am so proud of myself.
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I don't how it broke, but it did. I don't know how my warranty is still in force, but it is. I think. They said it is and that they're shipping me a new one, so I can't complain. And apparently the trusty Keyboard kindle (well, all 6 of them, so maybe they're not that trusty) is done, so now they're sending me a touch one. That will be novel.

On the other hand, I discovered the test I skipped out on, meaning to do the second round, doesn't have a second round. Forms, permissions, explanations, excuses, here I come. Yay. The most intimate relationship of my life is now with the academic secretary. (Followed closely by Amazon customer support. No offense, Amazon customer support.)

On the third hand, I got permission to do a makeup project for the tour I missed. Going to the beach is a compulsary part (well, and a ton of reading). This is kind of cute, and would be nice, except I hate the beach.

Seriously, what is wrong with me? How am I supposed to ignore that question for a week without a kindle?


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