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I have this writing bunny bouncing around in my head where it's a kind of campy pastiche of orientalist Edwardian lady derring do ala Gertrude Bell but set in Central Asia instead of the Middle East (beats me why) and seems to be situated somewhere between romance and erotica genre-wise and, like, hopefully not racist,

which, ok, so far so good, but for some reason the brain is insisting on a framing device, possibly multiple framing devices, where its set much later (WW2ish) and its someone finding this personal/political/elaborately smutty journal and having to track down the protagonist for Important Information To Defeat Nazis (because why not, nazis) accross soon-to-be-at-war Europe and then Gertrude-Bell-Character gets involved with his wife (I dunno, k?) etcetera, and the journal in and of itself as a physical object is also stolen by someone else back in the original Edwardian timeline so there's a second point-of-view first-timeline character emerging all of which I feel is really unneccessary for the actual thing but there we go.

Point being, I'm writing none of this because I'm in grad school and never write anything that doesn't have a citation anymore, but I did spend half the weekend working out in meticulous detail the perspective switches and epistolary interjection one pivotal scene would need to work with this needlessly elaborate framing device.


(I also finished an abstract tho!)


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